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Welcome To Umargam Industries Association

Umargam Industries Association is an organisation established in the year 1969 by industries and industrialists of G. I. D. C. Industrial Estate of Umargam, which came into being in the year 1967. It is an estate originally conceived as an Engineering Zone has now diverse nature of industries in the G. I. D. C. Estate. As on date there are almost 1,200 industries in the estate spread over 388 Hectors of land.

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Latest news

Stoppage of Lokshakti Express at Umbergaon Station


Historical news

52 Hector Road Re-Carpet Work Started


Duronto train stop may be at borivali


New paper - Janmabhimi

Latest Events

AGM on 29.09.2018


Annual general meeting at Umbergam Club on 29.09.2018 on 11.00AM...







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Umargam Industries Association thrives to provide the world class infrastructure for the industries. All basic infrastructures like Roads, Power Supply, Water Supply, Drainage, SWD, Sewerage, Transportation and other similar infrastructure facilities keeping pace with the requirement of industries from time to time.


Umargam Industries Association envisages the growth and development of all the sectors of industries established in the estate. All these industries are environment friendly and is a blessing for the local populace as it does not create and environmental pollution.

Umargam Industries Association looks forward to provide a healthy environment for the growth and progress and prosperity of the industries and industrialists of the estate by spreading awareness amongst the industrialists of various industries related issues from time to time.

It looks forward to do that by holding interaction with various Government department and agencies for the members from time to time, holding seminars on the new developments on the front of finance, marketing, management, technology, new Government Policies, etc.


Define plans smartly, focus dedicatedly, and work hard to implement them with honesty and integrity while taking all the members along this journey of betterment, and nothing can stop gidc umargam fromcoming to forefront of all industries not only in state, but even at national & global level.

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